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The Kingsmen Group CompEx Certification & Training Centre in Chennai provides high-quality training and certification courses in hazardous industries and hazardous areas. The centre is designed to provide Petroleum Electrical Engineers with the knowledge and skills required to work safely in potentially dangerous, hazardous conditions. With the highest standards of safety, experienced trainers, and advanced technology, engineers can feel safe from any kind of risks or dangers posed by these hazardous areas. Through this centre, engineers gain valuable hands-on experience which they can utilise while working in various petroleum sites across the world.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Certification Center in Chennai is a dedicated centre that provides comprehensive training and certification for personnel working in hazardous industries. This specialist training aims to bring safety, control and compliance to industries that use electrical equipment in hazardous areas, such as the petroleum and natural gas industry.

It was established with the goal of providing Petroleum Electrical Engineers with the knowledge and skills needed to work safely and more effectively in these potentially dangerous environments. The range of programs offered by the Kingsmen Group include certification courses for Ex d aftermarket products, installation guidance for EX Equipment and Hazardous Area Installers, as well as Electrical Explosion Protection Design Services.

The Kingsmen Group’s CompEx Training Centre in Chennai is providing important knowledge and certification to help petrochemical and hazardous industries workers stay safe and protected. With courses designed for not only safety of workers but also knowledge on hazardous areas within a facility. Empowering Petroleum Electrical Engineers in understanding industry regulations, hazard awareness, best practice with a full-fledged practical based curriculum designed in line with Centers full compliance to India’s Safety Industry Regulations.

Kingsmen Group CompEx Certification & Training Center in Chennai is a renowned provider of Certificate & Training courses for personnel working in hazardous industries and hazardous areas in India. The Centre offers CompEx (Petroleum Electrical Engineers) qualifications, which are the most sought-after certifications for any persons wanting to work with petroleum and electrical engineering in high-risk environments. It is one of the few top-notch hazardous industries training facility in India and its professional trainers specialize in teaching people how to safely work in challenging yet potentially dangerous, high-risk environments. The vast library of resources available at Kingsmen Group provides comprehensive knowledge and vital guidance to ensure that personnel are informed about relevant safety procedures before carrying out any tasks their assignments demands.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Certification Center in Chennai is one of the leading centres for providing hazardous industries as well as hazardous areas certification and training for Petroleum Electrical Engineers. The centre is a proud provider of global certifications like IEC and NACE. The centre has also a fervent team of experienced trainers that ensures comprehensive learning along with theoretical, practical sessions that aids in equipping the engineers with necessary skills to work confidently and safely in hazardous areas.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Training Center in Chennai has become a prominent resource for those working in hazardous industries or hazardous areas. This centre provides training courses and certifications that enable Petroleum Electrical Engineers to work safely in such hazardous areas with the highest possible standards of safety.

The centre is one of the leading providers of certifications to individuals after providing intensive training courses in safety and security guidelines applicable to such hazardous industries. This ensures that everyone working in these conditions is aware of the risks involved which can lead to accidents and losses, both human and material. The center also offers excellent guidance which can help engineers take precautionary measures while at work and stay safe at all times.

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