Whether you are starting a career as a newly qualified electrical operative working in a hazardous environment, looking to work in a new type of industry, or you are simply up-skilling and developing your knowledge about hazardous locations, CompEx offer a broad range of qualifications which are essential for improving workplace safety and competency within potentially hazardous environments.

You can find out more by selecting one of the qualifications below or you can download our qualification documentation, which provides full details about each CompEx unit, including the key learning objectives and course content.

CompEx Training Centre in Chennai

The Kingsmen CompEx training centre in Chennai is committed to providing quality training courses that keeps workers safe in hazardous areas. A specialised CompEx certification course is designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and inspect electrical equipment within these environments.

The must pass a written exam upon completion of the 3- 5 day course which could include hands-on practical sessions with real-life scenarios. The certified individual will have greater insight into preventing electric shocks, fires and explosions in hazardous zones through correct equipment selection, installation and maintenance.

Through comprehensive theoretical lessons, classroom demonstrations and practical activities, the CompEx certification ensures that learners can work safely for their own safety as well as for the members of their team throughout their entire working life.

Housed in the beautiful city of Chennai, Kingsmen CompEx Training Centre is the premier destination for anyone looking to get comprehensive CompEx certification. The centre offers a range of hazardous area training courses along with practical guidance and knowledge on CompEx – making it ideal for those either starting out or looking to develop their skill-set further. The courses are tailored to cater to all kinds of field engineers ranging from inexperienced worker through to experienced engineers with years of experience and industry knowledge. They cover all aspects from theory and practice in hazardous areas, allowing all participants the opportunity to acquire greater expertise

The Kingsmen CompEx Training Centre in Chennai is renowned for its excellent hazardous area training and certification. The CompEx program they offer includes both classroom-based and on-site assessment and training with detailed syllabi. With highly experienced instructors and well-equipped facilities, the centre is committed to providing reliable instruction using up-to-date methods in a safe environment.

Moreover, their courses have been designed to cover all the competencies required for working safely in hazardous areas. On successful completion of the course, trainees will be certified as having acquired the knowledge needed to safely work in environments where explosive gas atmospheres exist or may occur as part of normal operations.

At Kingsmen CompEx Training Centre in Chennai, participants get hands-on training from industry experts and experience an environment tailored to their individual needs which helps them acquire an intense level of understanding of essential principles comprising safety systems required for working at hazardous locations.

CompEx Training in Chennai

CompEx Certification center in Tamilnadu

Kingsmen CompEx Training Centre in Tamilnadu, India provides comprehensive CompEx certification and training to individuals looking to deploy and use certified personnel in hazardous areas. The centre is approved by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Electrical Engineers (CIEE) and is one of the few centres that provide internationally recognized Hazardous Area Training in India. The center offers a range of courses including Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) courses, Construction and Design course, Foundation Courses, Instrumentation Designers Course (IDC), Industrial Risk Management Courses (IRMP) and many more. It caters to everyone from novices to experienced professionals who wish to sharpen their skills in this domain.

Kingsmen Group(Branch) , located in Tamilnadu, India is a leader in providing CompEx Certification and other hazardous area training courses. With their steadfast commitment to excellence, they have become the benchmark for health and safety standards. They are dedicated to meeting the highest requirements of their clients through world-class industry experts.

Their comprehensive range of courses allows companies from all over the world to upgrade their employees’ competency on handling different hazardous situations safely and efficiently. They continually strive to remain at the forefront of safety practices to ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved.

Kingsmen CompEx Training Center located in Tamilnadu, India is the best place to get an internationally recognised CompEx certification. The centre provides high quality instruction in hazardous area training and prepares candidates for the rigours of the CompEx Exam.

The courses offered cover a wide range of subjects ranging from current industry regulations and safety standards, to up-to-date material on electrical safety installations and maintenance in hazardous areas. With experienced trainers help and support, students can gain a deeper understanding of their subject areas and become better prepared in facing the challenges posed by working with potentially dangerous electrical systems.

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