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The Kingsmen Group has established a CompEx training and certification Centre in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India. This centre provides certifications for Foundation (ExF) and Foundation Plus (ExF+). Additionally, it also offers certifications for Ex01 – Ex04, Ex05 – Ex06 and Ex01R – Ex04R. This certification is globally recognized and preferred by employers. The advanced training programmes used here help master the fundamentals of the instrumentation technology. With these certifications the trainees of this centre can get better opportunities to pursue their career in instrumentation technology industry across southeast Asia region including India.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Certification Center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India is a trusted training provider for the electrical and instrumentation workforce. By providing globally recognised certification programmes, the centre equips professionals with modern standards and knowledge of current regulations.

The specialized CompEx training courses are designed to ensure that engineers, technicians, electricians and instrumenters all meet industry safety standards and requirements. The courses provide them with the necessary technical skills to understand how to maintain their sites safely. The centre offers four levels of certifications for CompEx: Foundation (ExF), Foundation Plus (ExF+), Ex01 – Ex04, Ex05 – Ex06 and also the Refresher packs Ex01R – Ex04R.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx training and certification Centre is one of the few institutes in India that offers advanced theoretical and practical CompEx training. Equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure, this centre provides Foundation (ExF) and Foundation plus (ExF+) Level Certification Courses as well as the technically advanced Ex01 – Ex04, Ex05 – Ex06 and Ex01R – Ex04R courses.

The certified professionals here acquire international qualifications from either JTL, UAL or City & Guilds Competency frameworks. This helps them to identify their areas of proficiency within various hazardous industries such as offshore energy and mining. By successfully completing these courses, aspiring professionals may expand their knowledge of confined space entries and become globally certified electricians in hazardous areas.

Kingsmen Group CompEx training and certification Centre based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India is providing leading edge services to enhance safety standards. Their comprehensive CompEx training and certification program has been designed to provide essential knowledge required to work safely with electrical installations as well as industrial automation systems.

This learning centre offers comprehensive coverage for CompEx courses such as Foundation (ExF), Foundation plus (ExF+), Ex01 – Ex04, Ex05 – Ex06, and Ex01R – Ex04R courses. They offer a variety of programs which can be customized according to different projects or clients’ requirements. Training sessions are conducted in an up-to-date environment with competent facilitators and highly experienced instructors from the industries using latest teaching techniques to deliver effective learning outcomes.

The Kingsmen Group is one of the leading CompEx training and certification centre in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. They provide specialised training for Ex01 to Ex04, Foundation (ExF), Foundation plus (ExF+) certifications. Moreover, these modules are also offered as refresher courses i.e., Ex01R – Ex04R.

This center has been providing world-class CompEx trainings to the professionals in this sector. By getting trained by the certified experts at this center, the professionals can gain specialized knowledge about industrial wiring systems and on-site safety procedure of a hazardous atmosphere facility. Not only this but they can also practice safe working with an array of equipment and apparatus as well as fire detection systems to ensure a secure environment at their work place.

CompEx training centre in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India provides intensive, expert-led and industry-specific training on CompEx. This training is suitable for installers, maintenance engineers, electricians and any individual involved in hazardous areas training.

The program includes Foundation (ExF), Foundation plus (ExF+), Ex01 – Ex04, Ex05 – Ex06 and Ex01R – Ex04R courses. The courses are tailored to meet the requirements of European ATEX/IECx standards and include theoretical knowledge on design studies or practical approach to installations. The courses are also customized as per the clients’ requirements wherein topics like safe operation; installation; instrumentation; compliance with ATEX regulations etc are covered in detail.

It is important to obtain specialized certifications in order to operate electrical equipment safely within hazardous environments. Hence, Kingsmen’s CompEx certification program provides learners with the right skillset necessary for working

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