CompEx Training and Certification offer employers assurance that employees can safely work in hazardous environments. CompEx accreditation(EX01-EX04) ensures that those working in the hazardous industries, such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, electrical engineering, construction and many more have received relevant training to carry out their tasks. With practice based assessment tests (Ex05-Ex06) and refresher tests (Ex01R- Ex04R), employers can make sure their employees are competent to execute the tasks correctly and safely.


CompEx Training & Certification in Turkey

CompEx is an internationally recognised series of courses and qualifications that provide training and certification for working safely in hazardous areas and hazardous industries. Extrainings provides CompEx Training & Certification in Turkey for EX01 – EX04, applicable to people looking to work safely in hazardous industries within the country. This includes the certifications such as the Ex05 – Ex06, as well as their refresher certifications (Ex01R – Ex04R). Through this training, professionals gain the knowledge necessary to work with confidence in hazardous areas and industries.

CompEx Training and Certification offers qualifications for people working in hazardous industries and hazardous areas. It is a globally recognized certification that prepares individuals to work safely on and around explosive atmospheres. Its courses range from Ex01 to Ex06, covering modules such as EX01R – Ex04R, with extra modules added every year as industry standards evolve. As the demand for this type of qualification increases in Turkey, Extrainings provides an opportunity for locals to gain these certifications in a timely and economical way. They offer comprehensive CompEx Training courses designed by experienced professionals specifically tailored to the needs of their students. Along with this training, they provide thorough assessment tests and handbooks for reference when needed.

Kingsmen Group is proud to provide CompEx Training & Certification for workers across hazardous industries and hazardous areas in Turkey. Our accredited courses cover the complete scope of CompEx training, ranging from EX01 to EX04 and EX05-EX06. For lower personnel, we also provide revised modules of EX01R to EX04R.

We also offer exclusive services such as on-site examination centres, remedial plans and continuous technical support. By earning a CompEx certificate, you can be sure that your career progressions are well-supported by this globally-accredited certification.

The Kingsmen Group is committed to excellence in safety training and certification of personnel who work in hazardous industries and hazardous areas. They provide comprehensive CompEx Training & Certification that includes EX01 – EX04 and Ex05 -Ex06 courses. The EX01R – EX04R courses are also available for refresher training to ensure that personnel keep up-to-date with the latest standards of safe working practices. The Kingsmen Group provides the highest quality CompEx Training & Certification in Turkey, enabling personnel to work safely and effectively in a variety of potentially hazardous environments.

The Kingsmen Group is proud to provide CompEx Training & Certification in Turkey, to equip businesses and personnel from hazardous industries with the knowledge and experience that is needed to work safely in hazardous areas. Through the certifications that we offer – namely EX01 – EX04, Ex05 – Ex06 and Ex01R – Ex04R training – our experts are able to provide individuals with the necessary information, skills, training and certification they need to work safely and confidently in explosive atmospheres.

The Kingsmen Group, with its CompEx training and certification in Turkey, provides employees of hazardous industries and hazardous areas with the knowledge and abilities to work safely. With the CompEx certification program, employees can obtain a qualification to operate safely in explosive atmospheres (Ex01 – Ex04) and install or maintain electrical systems in such places (Ex05 – Ex06). They can also get specialized refresher courses for the previous certifications (Ex01R – Ex04R). This allows them to cultivate their understanding of hazardous industries and be better prepared to face potential hazards they may encounter.

CompEx Training & Certification provide an essential service to workers that operate in hazardous industries and hazardous areas across the world. The Kingsmen Group has firmly established itself as one of Turkey’s leading providers of these services with its accredited CompEx Certification EX01 – EX04, Ex05 – Ex06 and Ex01R – Ex04R programmes. The range of courses provided ensures that companies keep up to date with the latest safety protocols whilst ensuring their employees stay safe. 

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