CompEx certification is a globally recognised industry qualification for personnel who work in hazardous environments. This certification is highly sought after by employers and businesses in the UAE, particularly those operating in Dubai and the surrounding areas. The Kingsmen group provides training courses that equip individuals with the required knowledge and skills to work safely in hazardous environments. It also offers on-site assessments, refresher courses and other services related to CompEx qualifications. With this certification, individuals can improve their employability prospects as well as increase their safety levels when working in potentially dangerous areas.

Kingsmen is an accredited training centre for CompEx (Competence Examinations) certification. The center provides specialized training courses for the CompEx Certification, which is designed to prove competency in the safe installation, maintenance and repair of potentially explosive atmospheres. This certification is widely accepted and recognized by employers across many industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage.

CompEx Training Center in India

At the Kingsmen Compex certification center in Dubai, experienced trainers provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of hazardous areas along with practical skills necessary to work safely in environments that may contain flammable gases or dust. The course also covers topics like legal requirements, safety equipment selection and testing procedures as well as design techniques for hazardous area systems.

CompEx is a globally recognized certification program for professionals working in the hazardous environment of electrical and instrumentation. It is designed to provide the highest standards of safety and competency development in electrical and instrumentation-related industries.

CompEx is now available in Dubai with a wide range of advanced CompEx training courses offered by the leading CompEx Certification Centre in Dubai. This centre offers accredited courses that are tailored to suit the needs of local employers, enabling them to ensure their workers are qualified for the job. The centre provides resources and guidance for employers on how to best implement the CompEx program into their operations, as well as industry-leading technical support for staff members who have completed their qualification.

Extrainings’ CompEx Certification and Training Centre in Dubai is one of the newest and most technologically advanced centres for training in the Middle East. The state-of-the-art facility offers training programs for CompEx certification, enabling engineers to gain qualifications that are recognized internationally. With a strong focus on safety, the CompEx Certification and Training Centre in Dubai also provides a safe learning environment where students can learn from experienced professionals, as well as access premium equipment and materials to maximize their knowledge base. Whether an individual is seeking to further their career or obtain a new qualification, Extrainings’ centre provides top-notch education for both theoretical and practical experience.

Qualifications Available

Foundation (ExF)

ExF is an introductory level, theory only course designed to provide an overview into potentially explosive or flammable environments where gases, vapours and dust can form a hazardous atmosphere.

Foundation plus (ExF+)

ExF+ has been designed to provide an introduction into potentially explosive or flammable environments where gases, vapours and dust can form a hazardous atmosphere.

Gas and vapours (Ex01 – Ex04)

Ex01-Ex04 has been developed for electrical and instrument operatives working in hazardous locations where gases or vapours can form explosive atmospheres.

CompEx Ex01-Ex04 Electrical – Practical Resit

CompEx Ex01-Ex04 Practical Resit: The CompEx Electrical Resit – Practical is a resit of the practical element of a CompEx Electrical course.

Dust (Ex05 – Ex06)

Ex05-06 has been designed for practicing electrical or instrumentation technicians who work in hazardous locations where combustible dust, fibres or flyings can form an explosive atmosphere.

CompEx Recognised Practitioners Programme (Ex01R – Ex04R)

CompEx EX01-04 Certification is only valid for five years from issue. To re-validate your certification for another five years, you must undertake the RPP refresher qualification within the initial five-year period.

CompEx Ex01-Ex04 Electrical – Theory Resit

CompEx Ex01-Ex04 Theory Resit: The CompEx Electrical Resit (Theory) is a resit of the theory element of the CompEx Ex01-Ex04 Gas & Vapours Electrical course. Delegates MUST resit within 12 months of the original CompEx Electrical assessment and are allowed a maximum of 2 resit attempts.

Candidates have been certified for CompEx 01 - 04 across all these Countries

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