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The Kingsmen Group UAE CompEx Training & Certification Center provides vital safety and certification training services to hazardous industries and hazardous areas in Pakistan. The Certifications cover a wide range of expertise, from EX01 to EX04 and Ex05 to Ex06, with additionally specialized qualifications such as EX01R -EX04R. These certifications provide necessary expertise in communications, switchgear, battery technology, instrumentation & control systems among other things.

The Kingsmen Group UAE has been providing these services for several years now, providing technical support and training courses to meet the highest industry standards for Pakistan companies operating in hazardous areas. Their courses are invaluable in terms of advancing personnel skills while ensuring safety regulations are met for any activities occurring in a hazardous environment or atmosphere.

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The Kingsmen Group has been providing comprehensive CompEx training and certification services to Pakistan through its UAE based Training & Certification Centre. This training provides an opportunity for individuals to gain in depth knowledge and practice of hazardous areas, dangerous industries and safety management systems so as to prepare them for some of the most intensive roles available in these sectors.

The centre offers CompEx certifications from EX01 to EX04 which certify a person’s competence on topics such as installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance and service of electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres. As well as a range of refresher courses such as Ex05 – Ex06 and Ex01R – EX04R which give trainees the opportunity to re-establish their confidence in existing skills or develop new skills without having to retake full courses.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Training & Certification Center in UAE provides exceptional training and certification programs for hazardous industries and hazardous areas. From introductory CompEx Training courses to advanced EX01-EX04 modules, the Kingsmen team is equipped to deliver a wealth of knowledge on a range of competency related topics. Whether you need knowledge on Ex05-EX06 or the refresher courses Ex01R-EX04R they are sure to have something that will suit your purposes. With in-depth knowledge of hazardous industries and areas, they are committed to providing quality services that will empower their clients to meet their best safety standards.

Kingsmen Group “EX Trainings” CompEx Training & Certification Center in UAE is providing an array of services to Pakistan with the aim of maintaining a safe work atmosphere and meeting global best practices. This includes CompEx certification EX01 – EX04 which provide essential training for staff and personnel who are working in hazardous industries or in potentially hazardous areas such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, aluminum smelters etc. In addition to this certifications, Kingsmen also offers Ex05 – Ex06 for personnel working in highest risk areas who require advanced knowledge about maintenance procedures. They also offer specialized certifications like Ex01R – Ex04R which is specifically tailored for personnel working in remote environments. With years of experience and expertise in this domain, Kingsmen Group is one of the leading providers of CompEx Training & Certification Services in Pakistan.

Kingsmen Group “EX Trainings” CompEx Training & Certification Center in UAE provides services to Pakistan and offers a range of Ex training and certification programs. They provide CompEx certification in EX01 – EX04 that covers hazardous industries hazardous areas, EX05 – EX06, and Ex01R – Ex04R. These certifications are highly demanded as they are essential for those who perform a skilled trade in the field of electrical engineering specially in Hazardous Industry Certified personnel (HICP) categories.

The Kingsmen Group “EX Trainings” has extensive experience of helping individuals and organizations get certified according to relevant requirements, which has placed them at the forefront of providing specialist qualifications throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. The team is committed to offering a comprehensive solution that will meet all needs while ensuring that clients benefit from the highest standards of quality assurance.

The Kingsmen Group has taken the initiative to provide essential services for safe and secure working in hazardous areas in UAE or Pakistan. Through their “EX Trainings” program, Kingsmen provide CompEx Training & Certification Centers in UAE to clients from Pakistan, helping them stay up-to-date with requisite safety standards.

Kingsmen’s “EX Trainings” program feature CompEx certification options that are approved by JTL. These courses allow students to gain insight into the precautions and procedures that need to be taken when working in hazardous industries and hazardous areas, starting with EX01 – EX04 courses that cover basic safety information all the way through more advanced Ex05 – Ex06 courses as well as EX01R – Ex04R re-certification options.

Candidates have been certified for CompEx 01 - 04 across all these Countries

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