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A Kingsmen CompEx training and certification centre located in the United Arab Emirates offers specialized services to engineers from Egypt and all over the world. The CompEx courses cover hazardous areas in accordance with both ATEX and IEC Standards. This ensures safety in various industries while avoiding any potential damage to personnel, properties and the environment.

The training program involves theory and hands-on illustrations on Ex equipment operations which includes working methods for assembling, connection, testing and maintaining electrical equipment’s used within explosion hazard environment. It enables participants to demonstrate their knowledge of the CompEx electrical safety standards required for safe working environments in hazardous areas.


Kingsmen CompEx is an ATEX and IEC Standards training and certification centre located in the UAE. They provide comprehensive training and certification services to engineers in various hazardous industries, particularly for those based in Egypt.

Using the globally-recognised CompEx course framework, they help their customers to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations for safety in hazardous areas. This includes individual courses, as well as full-scale accreditation programmes that provide certification for working with electrical equipment. With their excellence in service delivery and commitment to customer satisfaction, Kingsmen CompEx has earned itself a place amongst the top providers of hazardous area safety solutions across the region.

At Kingsmen CompEx training and certification centre located in UAE, we provide comprehensive CompEx courses to engineers based in Egypt. Our training and certification sessions meet the highest ATEX and IEC standards for working in hazardous areas. Our experienced instructors strive to create a safe learning environment, where engineers can get certified in various important skills such as electrical maintenance, installation and commissioning. We are committed to providing the best-in-class solution to all our clients from Egypt so that their team is proficient with the latest industry standards.

Kingsmen CompEx training and certification centre based in UAE are offering unique services to clients in Cairo, Egypt. For those looking to gain safety qualifications that prove highly beneficial for their job prospects, the centre provides excellent opportunities to do this. Through its extensive network of internationally accredited partnerships, Kingsmen CompEx provide first-class training and certification services to employers and employees in the city. Their well-tailored courses ensure that all the necessary safety qualifications are acquired, while also promoting best practice for both employees and employers.

The Kingsmen CompEx Training and Certification Center located in the UAE has been providing its services to Cairo, Egypt. This center specializes in providing CompEx training and certification, which is an internationally recognized certification that covers a wide range of different health, safety and environmental practices. With this certification, students can be assured that they are well-trained and certified in the necessary knowledge and skills for a wide range of high-risk industries operating in extreme environments. It is also tailored to the needs of employers in both the Middle East region and Cairo, Egypt specifically. As well as offering specialized educational programs, this center also provides current job opportunities within their specialist field alongside other additional services such as courses on topics such as occupational risk prevention management, hazard identification & control measures and international regulatory standards compliance.

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