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Extrainings, located in Abu Dhabi, is a premier CompEx training and certification center providing excellent services to Iraq. Its certified courses adhere to internationally regulated standards of hazardous areas such as ATEX, IECEx, European EMC Directive and others. CompEx training is specifically designed for engineers and technicians involved in the design, installation or maintenance of electrical installations in hazardous areas. Not only does it provide the theoretical aspects of hazardous area installation but it also covers other essential principles like detection techniques used in Ex zones and intrinsically safe systems. This helps Electrical Engineers working in these areas to gain knowledge about compliant installations and maintain safety throughout their operations at all times. Extrainings also offers flexible customised options for organizations needing specific solutions when getting CompEx certification.

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The Kingsmen Group CompEx training and certification Centre in UAE provides a wide range of professional services to Iraq in the hazardous industries and hazardous areas. Their team of dedicated and qualified Petroleum Electrical Engineers, Oil & Gas professionals, CompEx trainers and assessors are well-equipped to offer the most cutting-edge safety and equipment risk management solutions.

The CompEx training provided by the centre has been developed for personnel who work in or manage skills associated with electro-technical work in potentially hazardous atmospheres or environments, including flammable, explosive environment. The centre also offers comprehensive CompEx certification services which guarantees that course attendees have reached the required standard. This leads to improved safety across all sectors of the hazardous industries in Iraq.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Training and Certification Center located in the United Arab Emirates provides cutting-edge CompEx training and certification for the most hazardous industries, especially those found in Iraq. By providing advanced CompEx training and certification for Petroleum Electrical Engineers in Oil & Gas facilities, Kingsmen ensures that these professionals are as safe as possible by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely in hazardous areas. With their industry expertise, they ensure all their students have up-to-date industry knowledge essential to working safely on petrochemical sites whilst increasing the efficiency of their projects.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx training and certification center located in UAE is the perfect place for hazardous industries like oil and gas. It provides comprehensive CompEx training which includes Ex modules 0 to 11, an important prerequisite for anyone who would like to work in hazardous areas. This ensures that each engineer is performing to the highest standard in any Oil & Gas setting, which in turn leads to enhanced safety and productivity onsite.

Candidates have been certified for CompEx 01 - 04 across all these Countries

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