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The Kingsmen Group in UAE has been offering world-class CompEx training and certification for a variety of hazardous industries and hazardous areas. They provide a comprehensive range of services in support of CompEx Certification EX01 – EX04, covering the safe installation, use and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment for operability in potentially hazardous environments.

They have also developed specialized advanced level courses that include Ex05 – Ex06 as well as renewal modules for those with existing CompEx certifications (Ex01R – Ex04R). This ensures that workers in the Qatar are informed about the latest regulations in compliance with international safety standards.

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The Kingsmen Group CompEx Training & Certification centre in UAE is developed to provide specialized training and certification services to the hazardous industries of Qatar. Their CompEx Training and Certification Services provides a set of comprehensive courses, ranging from safety of personnel working in hazardous areas, EX01 – EX04. To reinforce their commitment towards safety, the Kingsmen Group also provides Ex05 – Ex06 courses for those working with mobile installations in the hazardous area industry and Ex01R – Ex04R courses for electrical professionals. With such comprehensive courses offered, the Kingsmen Group ensures that those already compliant with QATAR regulations are better prepared to manage any industrial hazard that threatens safety.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Training and Certification centre in the UAE is dedicated to helping Qatar build a safer workforce, and meet hazardous industries’ compliance standards. Through their comprehensive CompEx Training and Certification programs, they are able to help businesses understand the risks that come with hazardous areas. This program offers training from EX01 – EX04 levels which covers basic knowledge regarding risk assessments, competency use for electrical tools, explosive atmospheres etc; while higher levels such as Ex05 – Ex06 and Ex01R – Ex04R provides more relevant details such as principles relating to design selection with respect to an explosive atmosphere or protecting against external explosion hazards. With their now-already established CompEx Training in UAE they are proud to serve Qatar’s hazardous industries with the ever-growing expertise necessary for safe operations.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Training & Certification Center in UAE is renowned for providing comprehensive CompEx services to customers worldwide through best-in-class training and certification programmes. With their experienced trainers, extensive knowledge base, and state-of-the-art technology, The Kingsmen Group enables organizations in Qatar to stay a step ahead when it comes to becoming compliant with international standards. This includes the CompEx Certification EX01 – EX04 modules that cover hazardous industries and hazardous areas as well as the Ex05 – Ex06 and Ex01R – Ex04R Modules for those working on fundamental installations of safe electrical equipment.


The Kingsmen Group CompEx Training & Certification Center in UAE is on the rise as a provider of quality CompEx Training and Certification services for hazardous industries and areas in Qatar. The organization provides four levels of certification for customers: EX01 through EX04, which covers safe electrical installation in hazardous environments; EX05 and EX06, which are both relevant to electrical system safety systems; and finally, EX01R through EX04R, which are dedicated to Renewable Energy Installations. In addition to these services, the Kingsmen Group also offers consultations to ensure that customers receive the best advices.

Kingsmen Group CompEx Training & Certification Center in UAE provides services to QATAR for specialized and comprehensive safety standards and expertise with its CompEx Training. The centre provides highly advanced training courses such as CompEX Certification EX01 – EX04 – covering aspects such as safe systems of work, hazards identification, energy isolation, instrumentation and control systems.

They also provide expert level training options for employees of hazardous industries who are dealing with hazardous areas like ‘Ex05 – Ex06’ along with ‘Ex01R – Ex04R’ to meet the requirements of IEC 61241 standard. By going through these trainings, participants will be able to gain practical knowledge about designing and implementing projects in compliance with national and international legal regulations.

Candidates have been certified for CompEx 01 - 04 across all these Countries

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