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CompEx training & certification is one of the most sought after certifications in Oman. It is a key element for workers in hazardous industries and hazardous areas, where equipment should be installed and maintained safely. The CompEx training prepares individuals to work in these environments by equipping them with sufficient knowledge which complies with international standards, namely EX01 to EX04 for competence assessment; EX5 and EX6 for competent maintenance technician qualifications; and EX01R to EX04R for the recertification process. By attending the training courses at an accredited centre like the EX Training Centre in Oman, individuals feel confident knowing their diploma has been recognized as well as having the right safety expertise on hand from mentors who have accumulated years of experience.

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The CompEx Certification from EX Training Centre provides a valuable resource for people working in hazardous areas to advance their understanding of safe work practices. With specialized knowledge that covers the competency principles for EX01 – EX04, and further guidance in Ex05 – Ex06 as well as Recognized Levels Ex01R – Ex04R, this is an essential qualification for all those who must understand and assess risks associated with hazardous industries.

The CompEx Training Centre in Oman provides a vast range of CompEx Certifications and Trainings. The certifications available range from EX01, EX02, EX03 and EX04 for personnel working in hazardous industries or dangerous environments. Moreover, they also offer Ex05 to Ex06 as well as Ex01R to Ex04R modules specifically created for hazardous area personnel working with electric tools.

The CompEx courses provided by the centre aim at enabling personnel to identify risks when working in hazardous areas and provide them with additional knowledge on how to avoid accidents from occurring. Participants can gain invaluable practical experience on comprehending the regulations laid down by various regional industry bodies such as Gas Safe, NFPA 70E, and OSHA 1910 & 29 CFR1920.

The Kingsmen Group CompEx Training & Certification Centre in Oman is a comprehensive provider of CompEx training and certification for hazardous industries and hazardous areas. With professional instructors certified by the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), we offer the full range of training from EX01 to EX04 as well as refresher courses from Ex05 to Ex06 and Ex01R to Ex04R.

Our aim is to equip our trainees with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies, which will enable them to operate safely in hazardous areas and manage risk across the workshop anytime, anywhere.

Kingsmen Group offers the latest in CompEx Certification courses and training at their Oman-based centre. CompEx, which stands for Comprehensive Examination, is a UK certified program for hazardous industries and hazardous areas which ensure electricians safety onsite with electrical safety competencies. The course comes in different levels from the EX01 to EX04, as well as refresher courses including the Ex05 to Ex06 and Ex01R to Ex04R levels. With the CompEx training at Kingsmen Group’s Oman centre, students gain confidence in their abilities concerning electrics safety within hazardous industries and hazard areas.

Kingsmen Group CompEx Training & Certification Centre in Oman is dedicated to providing training and certification programs that will help workers excel in hazardous areas and hazardous industries. Our comprehensive CompEx Training programs offer certifications from EX01 – EX04 level risk assessments for Electrical safety to completion of EX05 – EX06 & Ex01R – Ex04R.

We also provide specialist tailored courses and support to best suit the customer’s needs whether they are a multinational, public sector organisation or smaller companies. Our professional and highly experienced team will deliver quality assurance with an assurance of heightened safety standards for all workers in the field.

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